Why should we come to Stand-Up, Scottsdale! Comedy Club instead of one of the others?

You shouldn't! Try the others, then try us!

We're different because of our focus: They're largely over-priced, corporations that use comedy to sell you high-priced food & beverage; We are locally owned and sell you comedy supported by fairly priced food & beverage.

They're fundamentally different...and it shows in the experience.


Did you move?

We actually moved back to our original location, where Howard started the whole thing. As you know, our old building needed a lot of work. Our guests that have stood by us will appreciate the style and comfort of this new club...as well as, the beautiful, working bathrooms ;-)

Address: 5101 N Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85251


How much are tickets?

All tickets are $20, however, we incentivize the ticket price for all but the most popular show times (7:30 Friday & Saturday) and then raise them to $20 as they fill up. So in short, if you want the best deal, buy early!

I'm trying to buy tickets on your site with my Groupon/Discounted Tix Offer/Comped ticket but it won't accept it or there is no code.

You don't need a ticket as those types of tickets are your tickets. Just use the Make A Reservation App at the top-right of the homepage and put in the Notes Section that you are holding this type of ticket.

Why buy tickets direct from your site?

Priority seating! Once the VIP pre-show diners have been sat, you are the next to be sat, provided you have arrived no later than 15 minutes of show time.


How do I make a reservation?

Easy! Just go to our home page and use the "Make A Reservation" app near the top-right of the page. Note: Reservations are held until 15 minutes of showtime. At that time, any unclaimed reservations are released to the stand-by list. Any unclaimed tickets by showtime are also released to stand-by. Please arrive no later than 15 minutes of showtime to ensure your seats.

The seat app is giving me various times before the show, do I have to show up at that time?

No. The seat app is just giving set times prior to the show; regardless of time you select, you just need to be there by 15 minutes of show to guarantee your reservation.

How can I reserve specific seats?

  1. It's easy, just pre-show dine with Papi Chulo's (they don't accept reservations, so arrive early).
    1. arrive no later than 1-hour prior to showtime (we suggest 1:30:00 before showtime in case there's a wait).
    2. mention offer prior to ordering; you'll select your seats once you've ordered.
    3. no transfer of food into showroom due to table size limitations.

But I don't want to dine prior to the show.

Seat selection is reserved for those dining prior to the show. All other seats are provided on a first come, first served basis.

All reservations are held until 15 minutes prior to showtime at which time they go into the stand-by availability.

I have Comp tickets you gave me and/or I purchased Daily Deal tickets (Groupon, etc), can I use them for any show?

Yes, however, the available seats for each show is specific to the contract with the performer. If you have this type of ticket, please make your reservation early. Once the allotted seats are filled, all remaining tickets for that show must be purchased at full-value.

I purchased the Daily Deal (Groupon, LivSoc, CAP, etc) tickets for this specific show and now it's full for this type of ticket.

Note: we strongly suggest making your reservations at least two days in advance; a week for some of the more popular performers.

Can Free/Discounted tickets be used for Special Engagements?

Yes, they sure can, however, the quantities are limited. If you are thinking about buying one of these offers for a specific show, call or email first to ensure availability.

How many allotted seats are there per show?

In general, up to 60 per show for most shows and up to 20 for most Special Engagement shows.

How many seats are in your club?

We seat 120 guests.

Do some of your seats face away from the stage as they do in the large corporate clubs in the valley?

No. They do not. Since our focus is comedy, it's important to us that each seat faces the stage (it would seem like a no brainer!). There is no better seating set-up in any club in the valley.

Will I be sitting with strangers at the same table?

Our tables are mostly 4-tops with 3 6-tops. Unless you come with 4 friends, you will most likely have two others at your table, if we're going to be full. If we won't be full, we seat two to a table until we need the space.


Do you have a purchase minimum?

Why do you have a 2-item minimum?

We've found that guests without a drink in front of them (it can be non-alcoholic) tend to not relax very well. They tend to sit there, arms crossed, not engaging. It's unnerving to sit next to and more so to look at from the stage. Humans, when we have something to hold, are happier & more relaxed. We want happy, relaxed humans in the show.

We ask reasonable guests for reasonable patronage and thank you for keeping us the top-rated comedy club in the valley.

What happens if I refuse to order a drink?

In the event a guest refuses to consume 2 items, a $5 service charge per item not ordered will be assessed; as well, they could be removed from the show room prior to the headliner (in which case, no $5 charge).

If you just don't want to spend any money at our club, you're not the type of guest we or our other guests want in the club anyway and we're happy to let you go eslewhere. We're a great valley business and your reasonable patronage keeps us that way - Thank you for that!


Are your performers "clean" or "vulgar"?

We don't book specifically clean or dirty comedians--we book just flat-out good comedians. If there's a show that would largely be expected to offend a reasonable adult person, we'll put it in the marketing. Otherwise, reasonable adults will not be offended...and, if they are, that's their right and we support it...after all, they're just words and ideas; it's not all that scary.

Are your comedians local?

Our headliners are nationally touring comedians, generally with many tv appearances to their credit. We only hire original, relevant comedians who can give you a show worth the time and money you spend with us. For the support spots (host, opener & feature), we source the best local comedians committed to original comedy, not just dopey jokes about Apache Junction, Buckeye or Mexicans in the kitchen (of which we have being a great Mexican Cantina ;-).

What if I get offended by a joke?

That would be embarrassing for you - don't do that. We offer no type of compensation for your being offended by words and thoughts--don't ask ;-)

Can we heckle?

At your own risk. Drunk hecklers will be tossed.

How long are the shows?

Typically between1:30:00 and 1:45:00

Do you have comedians for hire?

Sure. Write us at info@standupscottsdale.com.